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At the Annual General Meeting held on the 6th July 2017
 the trustees reluctantly decided to formally wind up the Association
after offering 113 years support to the Anglican Church overseas.

Among the reasons for this decision are the following -

  • the existing Trustees as getting older and new trustees have not come forward.
  • support from the Reader body is declining.
  • Dioceses are increasingly supporting named overseas dioceses and parishes by means
    of twinning and are less inclined to support RMSA.
  • applications for funding are coming from a narrower source.
  • we can no longer guarantee three year’s financial support to any candidate.  
The distribution of grants in 2017 will be such that all funds are used in accordance with our constitution and charity law; giving priority to existing students. It is the aim of the trustees to complete the process and de-register the charity by 31st December 2017.

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