Founded 1904       Registered Charity No: 1049012

Praise God for 110 years of service to his Church

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Since its foundation in 1904 RMSA has been able to provide grants for 564 Readers, or their equivalent, training for ordination in the Anglican Church overseas. These grants have assisted the ministry of the church in at least 45 different countries. It was in 1908 that Ernest Davies, the association’s first supported student, completed his training at St. Augustine College, Canterbury and set off to serve in the mission field in Dogura, Papua New Guinea. The first students were principally Readers from Great Britain who would serve the Church in distant lands, but very soon students were being trained in colleges overseas. Today we invariably make grants to Reader ordinands in less affluent lands. In this last year we have supported 22 students in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and the Congo. Because of the poverty in many overseas dioceses our grants often provide the life-line to ordination training and play a key role in the provision of much needed priests. RMSA was able to support the Diocese of Newala, Tanzania, founded in 2009, with the training of ordinands to support the growth and development of the new diocese.

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Text RMSA12 £5 to 70070